April 8, 2006


I just purchased this little gem at Best Buy for $9.99.

This sexy, quirky, romance tale has all the usal markers and cliches in place...

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love, etc...

What makes this one special is the respectful rendering of the type of romance this is. To say it's S&M is almost too confining. Beyond that it's about a woman coming of age. It's about her coming to terms with her own sense of self.

I'd say, if you're the judgemental type or at all conservative (folks who avoided Brokeback Mountain, for instance)...Stay away. You probably won't get it, anyway. Or better yet, watch and perhaps learn that what you thought about S&M, ain't at all so.

PARENTS: This is strictly for adults...or maybe you and your older teens can watch together if you suspect they are getting involved in S&M culture and you want to iniate an awkward conversation about it. ;-)

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