April 21, 2006


There's no end in sight to the string of crappy video game movies.
Even with Ragda Mitchell and Sean Bean, it's just stupid and gross for no logical reason. I was too busy being annoyed by the pointless progresssion of this film to care what was going on. I was never once afraid for anyone in this movie. In fact I was hoping some folks would get chopped and not in the bloodlusty glee of a horror fan, but in a "these are annoying-ass characters kill them all!!" sense.

Yes, it is a hard R...but only in the CGI sense. It's not tangable violence, people, it's all computer generated.

Blame the scriptwriters, who believe video game movies must be targeted firmly at 13 year-old boys, who also have abnormally small IQ's for their age.

Just, stay far, far, away from this one. It's not quite as bad as White Noise, but it comes pretty close.

This gets a from me.

PARENTS: Keep the kids away, not only for the blood and gore, but because it's awful. If you allow your kids to watch, they will turn into imbeciles.

I usually like this venue well enough, but the snobby air in the area, actually takes away from the experience, for me. The movie audience doesn't react enough.

...I know, I like my movie audience quiet too, but when warranted, a little applause or emotion can enrich a movie experience...Like when I first saw LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring and Aragorn lops off that Orc's head. The audience's roar of approval was good stuff, people :-)...But, not here, never at Georgetown.

Hey, at least the yellow lights in the bathrooms, camoflauge the pee color in the toliets, so all the toilets look equally unflushed. :-)

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