December 6, 2012


Yes, I've allowed this blog to fall into neglect as I've moved on to other things, but it will still stand as it is and I will still post when the occasion calls for it.

...Like now.

You know my Trekkie behind could not let this teaser trailer go un-commented upon:

Yes, it's using the BRAAAAHHHHM!!! noise, like so many other trailers. It's the Inception effect...or perhaps I should say Nolan effect, given the poster's resemblance to The Dark Knight Rises'.

Anyway, I've made this post in order to air my theory on who the villain is.

NO, it's not Gary Mitchell.

NO, it's not Khan.

It's Joachim:

That's Khan's number one henchman, right there.


Well, just check the resemblance:

The costume designer even took cues from the original. 
Check the lapel.

So, people need to drop the Gary Mitchell theories (no glowing eyes or omniscience to speak of in the trailer, plus it was covered in the comics) and the Khan theories (though he is still connected to him).

He wouldn't be Khan, because that would be some backwards white-washing b.s, especially considering that a man of color, Ricardo Montalban, played him to perfection back when whitewashing was slightly more prevalent than it is today.

Khan is an implied Indian Sikh and/or Mongol genetic mix.  Cumberbatch's pasty (but still talented) behind would be the LAST actor I'd cast to be him.

Anywho, I just wanted to put that out there, because yeah, Cumberbatch looks just like Joachim.


  1. im a long time reader and im missing your peices, life mustve changed, wishing yu well dcmoviegirl, where can we read your new stuff, i would really like you to look at my Django dj and Go opinion blog id be happy to think youve read it and i made you smile wishing you the best DCMovieWoman

  2. He does look a lot like him. Leave it to Abrams to throw the old switcheroo!


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